Given that someone has made the decision to start investing in the cryptocurrency market, the basic knowledge that the user is required to possess is how they will be able to buy (sell), store, and exchange Hellenic Coin.

The first part concerns the buying and selling of HNC Coins. The user should monitor the evolution of prices using Coinmarketcap.com as well as the exchanges available.

The potential user, wanting to invest in Hellenic Coin, can contact the following exchanges:

In order to analyze the process of buying and selling HNC Coin, we will use one of the above exchanges and specifically folgory.com.

Buy-sell steps:

1. Go to https://folgory.com/
2. Select the GET STARTED icon (or sign up at other exchanges) and follow the steps required to register. Necessary documents that will be requested are a passport/driver's license photo and a public utility bill of the last quarter, otherwise, if we are already a member through a login we enter our account.
3. The Hellenic Coin Market (HNC) cannot be traded directly, so the user will initially go to the Bitcoin (BTC) market.
4. For the Bitcoin market, click Buy / Sell where we enter the amount of Euros we want to exchange (max € 250 per week) by adding the necessary details of our debit card. BTC will be stored in the digital wallet of our account in this exchange.
5. To exchange BTC for HNC, go to the trade section and type in the search HNC by selecting it from the list.
6. Then we distinguish:
• a time/price chart
• a two-part Order Book column: The first one shows the BTC value per HNC (Price column) as well as the number of HNCs (column amount) that the seller intends to sell. The bottom right column in green shows the BTC value per HNC that the buyer intends to sell as well as the number of HNC in the amount column.
• Newest Transactions: The latest transactions have taken place.
• Limit Order: In this section, we place the price in BTC as well as the HNC number we want to buy and then sell if we want.
7. If we do not wish to engage in trading, the trading platform gives us the opportunity to send HNCs from it to our personal wallet. (See trading steps)