1. How can I get information about the Hellenic Coin (HNC) project on a regular basis ?

Online Live Webinars are taking place on a weekly basis and they are announced through the international Telegram Groups of Hellenic Coin (HNC)

2. How can I contact directly with a partner of Hellenic Coin (HNC) ?

You can send your questions in info@helleniccoin.com & some of our partners will contact with you directly.

3. How can I find out about companies that accept Hellenic Coin (HNC) as a means of payment for their services – products ?

In the near future there will be a list of companies contracted with Hellenic Coin (HNC) worldwide posted in our Website.

4. How can I buy Hellenic Coin (HNC)?

Hellenic Coin (HNC) is currently tradeable in 3 Crypto - Exchanges. Click here in order to to visit them. Additionally it will be possible to buy Hellenic Coin (HNC) through hundreds of Crypto - ATMs around Europe as well as in Greece, since June 2021.

5. Is there any card that I can use so that I can make my shopping using my Hellenic Coin (HNC)?

Since 01.03.2021 you will be able to transfer your Hellenic Coins into a Prepaid MasterCard, then convert them into your local currency & make purchases with them as well as in millions of shops that accept MasterCard worldwide.

6. Which is Hellenic Coin’s (HNC) Core Team?

You can find out about the profile & specialization of our partners by clicking here.

Besides, the development team of Hellenic Coin (HNC) project is constantly expanding with new, remarkable & well trained professionals from a vast variety of the financial & marketing field.

7. Is the activity of Hellenic Coin (HNC) in accordance with the Greek & European laws related to Cryptocurrencies?

In any case the Legal Staff of Hellenic Coin (HNC) ensures its legal activity as it is consisted of reputable lawyers headed by Mr. Botopoulos Konstantinoss.

All the actions of the Hellenic Coin (HNC) team are governed by seriousness, professionalism & consistency so that all the necessary conditions are met for a favorable & uninterrupted activity in the market and in the society as well.

8. I am a business owner. How can I register my shop in Hellenic Coin ‘s (HNC) business network?

There is a contact field on our Website where you can make your request & a specialized partner of Hellenic Coin (HNC) will answer to you in order to keep you informed.

9. I own a business. Is it possible for a Crypto - ATM to be installed in my business & for me to get financially benefited?

There is a contact field on our Website where you can make your request & a specialized partner of Hellenic Coin (HNC) will come to you directly in order to keep you informed.

10. Can someone who is living in Germany, Russia, Italy, LATAM or China to be informed about the project?

There are multiple international Hellenic Coin (HNC) Communities through several Telegram Groups.

You can be connected with some of these Communities by clicking here and be immediately informed about Hellenic Coin’s activities

11. Where can I store my Hellenic Coins (HNC)?

There are 3 options. Through our Native wallet, through “Coinomi” wallet as well as through the Crypto-exchanges that Hellenic Coin is tradeable into.

*We do not recommend the choice of Crypto-exchanges in any case.

12. Where can I get information about staking the Hellenic Coin (HNC) & its rewards?

The Hellenic Coin YouTube channel gives all the information you need concerning the topics above.

Telegram Groups of HNC community are also here in order to help you in any case.


13. Can I mine Hellenic Coin (HNC)?

The mining procedure has already stopped and it is no longer available.