Hellenic Coin is a private blockchain, which is meant to be the most trusted digital currency for buying goods and services worldwide.

Hellenic Coin was established in 2015. It is a fully decentralized peer-to-peer protocol which is independent by any governmental and central bank control.

Its purpose since birth, is to capitalize on the global financial system by offering an incentive to anyone (investors, merchants, consumers) from different corners of the world to accept HNC as a mean of payment, without fearing the governmental control, potential depreciation and/or inflation of fiat currencies. Using one of the most advanced blockchain technologies, Scrypt Hybrid PoS/PoW, Hellenic Coin supports all forms of payment transactions.

With substantial industry support, trading volume and liquidity, Hellenic Coin is becoming the standard medium of commerce.

Hellenic Coin is an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralized without being controlled by any central authorities. Mathematics secures the network and empowers individuals to control their own finance. You can obtain your own HNC on more than 4 crypto exchanges at the current moment, most of them are included on top 10 crypto exchanges of CMC’s list.

When Created the HNC used the PoW algorithm and produced 69.500.000 coins. 



HNC’s primary goal is entering real economy and become an alternative mean of payment by providing loyalty rewards to users.

Storing, trading, investing and using HNC for buying goods and services will be HNC’s main utilities.



HNC’s targeted actions:

• Creation of our own e-wallet for Android and Ios or listing to an already existing one (like Coinomi).

• Increase of awareness by publishing articles and news to our social media, crypto and financial websites.

• Promotion campaign

• Presentations to private and institutional investors

• Participation on AIBC

• Listing on more high rated exchanges

• Exploring the possibility of being listed to a Visa/Mastercard.

• Exploring the possibility of being listed to a pos terminal


Problems with cryptocurrencies

The mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency is predicated on the replacement of fiat by corporations and individuals in the day to day transactions. For most crypto users, it is difficult to understand why cryptocurrency hasn’t already overtaken traditional currencies, after all cryptocurrencies feature:

  • Better control over your finances
  • Faster, cheaper transactions
  • Decentralized storage and other features

And yet, despite the numerous, arguably dramatic benefits cryptocurrency offers over fiat, we still lack mainstream adoption. In fact, according to a Bloomberg report, just three out of the top 500 online retailers are willing to accept Bitcoin in exchange for their goods or services, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Retailers simply don’t want to accept a currency that can lose as much as 25% of its value in a single day. And so, if we look at the rest of the list of cryptocurrency features, we also it is:

  • Too complicated for most people
  • Volatile
  • Poorly perceived by corporations, merchants and consumers
  • Fiat is believed by the masses to be more stable, more secure, and easier to use. Thus, fiat is perceived to be more valuable. When it comes to adoption, usage and volume, perception matters most. The only way to demonstrate the value of crypto is by helping users experience its benefits first hand.


HNC Solution

A crypto currency is successful when it manages to be adopted by as many merchants as possible,as a mean of payment and get used by more and more consumers.

Currently, they are only traded on speculation and their volatility is very high.

Almost all of them are following the same trend because they are alike.


By focusing on entering the Greek real economy for the beginning , Hellenic Coin will solve the issue of demand that cryptocurrencies face, that is because every other coin is based on speculative reasons as mentioned above, thus becoming real practically useful to the real economy. HNC will create perpetual demand, day by day, year by year and so on, a problem that no other coin has solved thus far!


Utility of a coin

All cryptocurrencies are facing the obstacle of usability in the real economy and want to be accepted as means of payment for goods and services.


Perpetual demand

Hellenic Coin is planning to be accepted by many Greek merchants and gradually worldwide, thus entering real economy will have the same value to investors as fiat money.