To the contrary with the traditional pocket wallets, the digital ones do not store currency.
In reality, the cryptocurrency is not stored in any place and do not have a physical form. They are just recorded transactions saved in a blockchain.
The digital wallets are software programs that save both public and private keys that interact with the blockchain. Therefore, the users can watch the existent sum in it and make transactions. When a user sends any amount of money, the other one sings the ownership of that amount at the address of his wallet.
Every digital wallet consists of one public and one private key.
The public key is used in order for users to receive currencies (since the amount is completed in the network)
The private key is used to validate the exchange and proves that you are the owner of the public key.

Types of digital wallets:

There are different types of wallets that provide different ways of storage and access to digital currency.
Desktop: The wallets that are installed I computers (or laptops) are accessible only from the one to whom they have been transferred.
The wallets for desktop or portable computers provide one of the highest levels, just because of that.
Mobile: The wallets can be installed as an application to your phone and they are useful because they can be used anywhere, including the retail selling stores. The portable wallets are usually a lot smaller and simpler to use than the computer wallets, due to the limited available space on mobiles.
You can download the Hellenic coin wallet for Desktop here...

Μobile wallet coming soon. Stay tuned

1. Choose the appropriate edition for your wallet e.x Windows, Linux, MacOs


2. Go to hnc-wallet-download (see photo)

how to2

3. Go to Clone or Download and press download zip (see photo)


4. Choose save file (see photo)

how to4

5. Find where the zip file was saved, usually on downloads (see photo)

how to5

6. Go to file explorer, check on downloads for the downloaded zip file 

7. Right click on zip file and go to extract here (see photo)

how to7

8. An HNC-Wallet-Download Master file was created

9. Open the unzip HNC-Wallet-Download Master file

10. Unzip the .zip file and choose the extract here (see photo)

how to10

11. The file Helleniccoin.Qt.exe is the wallet (see photo)

how to11

12. if you want to send the wallet on desktop, right click on the file, send to, desktop (see photo)

how to12